August 2014 Newsletter

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From the DS:

I am grateful for the faithful service of the pastors in our district. Called to the work of ministry, which always demands sacrifice, these men and women serve in a time of transition and landscape of a mission field.
This adaptation of a saying by Richard DeHamm expresses the demands of ministry.
A good pastor must have:
The strength of an ox,
The tenacity of a bulldog,
The daring of a lion,
The wisdom of an owl,
The harmlessness of a dove,
The industry of a beaver,
The gentleness of a sheep,
The versatility of a chameleon,
The vision of an eagle,
The hide of a rhinoceros,
The perspective of a giraffe,
The disposition of an angel,
The endurance of a camel,
The bounce of a kangaroo,
The stomach of a horse,
The loyalty of an apostle,
The faithfulness of a prophet,
The tenderness of a shepherd,
The fervency of an evangelist,
The devotion of a mother.
And then, the good pastor
cannot please everybody.
Pray for our pastors. Let us support one another in the work of the gospel.