May Newsletter

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From the District Superintendent:

Reading to my son at bedtime was precious when Jacob was small. It was a time of parent-child bonding. Stories passed values and faith. It was also my intent to cultivate in my child the love of books and a desire to read.
Through the Million Book Effort, we will help many children in South Carolina with the love of books. Many small children in our state do not have books in their homes. One in four children in SC live in poverty. The gift of a book can make a difference. Individual children, families, schools, and agencies are going to benefit from our gifts of children’s books.
We also know that churches who engage in meeting the practical needs of people in their communities thrive. This Million Book Effort can enable us to connect with our communities. Talk with school leaders. Involve civic clubs in collecting. Volunteer to read to children.
People are getting involved:
*One boy heard about his church’s Million Book Effort. He brought his Barnes & Noble gift card as his part.
*Another child’s mother suggested they could shop for books together. She recommended, “We can get you 2 books and pick one extra book for another child.” The child had a better idea, “What about one book for me and two for another child?”
*A middle school teacher is involving her students in collecting books. She is encouraging them to share the love of reading.
*Doris was in Big Lots looking through the children’s books. A friend from another denomination saw her and asked “What are you doing? You don’t have grandchildren.” When the Million Book Effort was explained, the lady remarked, “You Methodists are always doing something good!”
Glory to God! What are you doing?