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Definitions – Lay Servant Ministries

In 2012, The Lay Speaking Ministries became Lay Servant Ministries, organized into Lay Servants, Certified Lay Servants, and Lay Speakers.

Lay Servants serve  the local church through ministries of leading, caring, & communicating.

Certified Lay Servants, in addition to the above, many also serve as class leaders, and serve other churches, the district, or the conference in those ministries. If you used to be a Certified Lay Speaker, you are now a Certified Lay Servant.

Lay Speakers are called and equipped to serve the church in pulpit supply, The lay speaker concept is based on the historical tradition of ministry instituted by John Wesley. They are to compliment and support, not replace, pastors. A specific group of  courses is required for Lay Speaker designation, plus a formal application process afterward (currently in development).

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RH District Lay Servant Ministries Director

Lynne Tyner  803.517.6569