Rock Hill District Committee for Congregational Development Application for Twenty Percent Funds

The purpose of the Rock Hill District Committee for Congregational Development is to assist local churches in fulfilling their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We offer assistance through review and consultation of projects and growth strategies. In addition, we seek to offer funding assistance to those congregations that offer visionary, concrete and measurable plans for growth in Christ in their churches and communities. As a partner with the Conference Committee on Congregational Development, we encourage congregations to be innovative in their staffing, building usage and plans for ministry. Typically, we seek to allocate our funds in the areas of new ministries, leadership development and then capital improvements.

While we will consider grant requests that are targeted for repair and maintenance activities, primary consideration will be given to churches where:
• Funds are being sought for ministry initiatives addressing new and innovative efforts.
• A defined mission and strategy is in place to reach new people and intentionally make disciples..
• The application articulates how the money requested fits within the church’s mission and strategy.
• Factors are in place that support continued growth and/or growth potential, including geographic location, surrounding population trends, and church resources and culture.

Download the application here. Notify the Rock Hill District Office of the intent to submit an application and call or email the Chair of Congregational Development Committee. Applications are due April 1 and November 1.